Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Mother's Offering

Lord, take this load of laundry,
take these pots and pans,
take these dirty diapers,
make them gold within your hands.

Be pleased with empty bottles
lying all around,
Be pleased with baggy sweatpants
and the dishes that abound.

God in Heaven, I have nothing else
to offer you today.
I am weak, exhausted, weary,
Be pleased in that, I pray.

Take my sleepless nights, Lord,
Take my darkest days,
Take my triumphs and my failures,
Let them all be to your praise.

Though it's not much, I lay it all
at the alter of the King.
Let me be a pleasing sacrifice.
This is all I have to bring.

Take my tears, my faith, obedience,
Be pleased, O Lord, with me.
This is all I have to offer,
All I am, Lord, all to thee.

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