Sunday, December 1, 2013

Why I write...

There are certain things that make me feel close to my dad...

Like when I fill a plate with pickles, salami, blackberries and cheese and call it a gourmet meal. 

Or get a big whiff of leather.

Or crank my music and dance around in the living room with my son.  

Or find a good look-a-like (bonus points for a good look-a-like combo).

Or help the needy.

Or watch Sneakers...too many secrets.

Just a few things that remind me that I'm "Bob's daughter" or--as my mom used to joke--"Roberta."

But there's one thing I do that not only makes me feel close to biological dad, but to my heavenly father as well.  

I write.

My dad is a gifted writer.  Witty, pithy, punny.  I am grateful to have inherited a bit of his humor and natural rhythm.  

But my father above...well, gifted is an understatement.   He's been on the New York Times bestseller list since before it was even a thing.   He holds the record for number of books sold.  His words have been called "life-saving" by millions.  He's the real deal.

And I'm his daughter.

I write because he wrote me first, and writing helps me get to know him better.  It's how I think, create, discover, process, communicate.  

I started this blogging journey with no end game in sight.  I wasn't sure what I wanted...recognition, riches, a place to be heard?

But now I realize that I write because it makes me feel close to my father.  Period.  And if others can somehow benefit from what comes out on paper (or screen), then all glory to him.

Yes, I currently have a blog following of a whopping 23 subscribers (shout out to all!).  And my words are hardly life-changing, let alone life-saving.  But when I write, I am reminded that I am his adopted daughter...his "Roberta."  His Chelsea.

His daughter redeemed.

So, when or if you stop by for a visit, you can expect to find...

A singer who sometimes sings off-pitch.  

A writer who can't always find the right words.

An introvert with hermit tendencies.

A homemaker with a sink full of dirty dishes.

A daughter redeemed and daily refined.


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  1. Love your new site design! Love your writing! Love you, my you-never-sing-off-key, hermit friend. ;)